Oil and gas pipeline links from the file for frequent oil and gas reform program landing paving

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On the website of the national energy board released before the "on notice" of oil and gas pipeline network facilities open related information disclosure work, by three barrels of oil and other related enterprises to open oil and gas pipeline network information. This is since August 16th, the relevant ministries issued fourth standards of oil and gas pipeline of the first file link.

"Oil and gas pipeline network independence" is regarded as the industry of oil gas system is the highlight of the reform, resistance and controversial link obstruction. Because of such obstruction, the domestic two years ago, has begun to prepare the oil and gas system reform program has been unable to introduce.

All along, China's oil and gas pipeline mainly concentrated in the hands of PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC and other a few large enterprises, the pipeline resource monopoly, pricing mechanism is not transparent, causes the cost high cost of downstream enterprise user pipeline.

Natural gas pipeline network, for example, the oil pipeline accounted for about 78% of the country, a total length of 50836 km, while Sinopec's natural gas pipeline network in the construction and operation of 4600 kilometers, 3145 kilometers of cnooc.

"The only network independent, separate sales and delivery pipeline, in order to fundamentally cut gas supply and pipeline business transactions" system, truly umbilical cord "network third party fair and open, at the same time, in order to form the market and on the lower reaches of the price transmission cost effective supervision to create conditions." China International Economic Exchange Center, said Jing Chunmei, deputy researcher.

Like Jing Chunmei, support network independent experts are not in a few. However, the industry is also no lack of different opinions. "There is no need to put all the pipeline to set up a new company, take out people to pay more, lower efficiency. Oil and gas pipeline is not like the power grid, power grid who use. Natural gas to the city gate stations, oil refineries, with their own enterprise network, point to point, not the society. If you add a layer of independent operators in the middle, the cost is high, the two ends of the connection is not good, the supply is not timely, the yield on the hold up. Such as the reform of the pipeline, the theory of practice, practice is not necessarily line." Fu Chengyu, former chairman of China Petrochemical Group, said. He is not optimistic about the reform of the independent network.

And similar to this argument, has been accompanied by the oil and gas reform has always been. Insiders recently revealed that the oil and gas reform program will be introduced in the year. According to this speculation, the current stage of the reform of oil and gas pipeline network should have been determined, as for the next step, how to go, the experts believe that the introduction of intensive policy from the recent relevant departments can see one or two.

In August 16th, the national development and Reform Commission published the "natural gas pipeline transportation price management approach (Trial)" and "natural gas pipeline transportation pricing cost supervision and examination methods (Trial draft)", proposed the establishment of a new public transport pricing method, tube fair; while the introduction of cost supervision and examination system.

In August 31st, the NDRC website also issued on the strengthening of local natural gas transmission and distribution enterprises to reduce the cost of gas price supervision notice, the formation mechanism of local gas distribution is intended to link the price standard, urge enterprises to strengthen information disclosure.

In the notice, the national energy board to further clarify the requirements of three barrels of oil and other related enterprises to provide transport facilities from the basic information, the pipeline of oil and gas pipeline network facilities, access standards (storage, gasification) service, downstream users apply for access to the enterprise of oil and gas pipeline facilities. The angle of comprehensive public information network.

Four files with each other, from the long pipeline specification coverage to end users, from three barrels of oil to the local city Gas Co, directed network monopoly, information opaque oil gas for chronic disease, will undoubtedly pave the way open fair network. Thus, in the upcoming oil and gas reform program, the oil and gas pipeline network will be an independent release of large probability events.