Nuclear power plant resource scarcity in coastal provinces for nuclear power brand

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As an important national energy production and consumption province, Shandong plan "by 2020, nuclear power installed capacity of 2 million 700 thousand kilowatts; by 2030, and strive to 20 million 650 thousand kilowatts of nuclear power installed", and "to create an important national coastal nuclear power base".

This is the official website of the Shandong provincial development and Reform Commission recently announced the "Shandong energy long-term development plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "planning") revealed.

If nationwide, nuclear power plant is a very scarce resource. So many coastal provinces in the planning of "13th Five-Year" will have nuclear power as one of the flagship brand of the local economy.

Shandong to determine the 15 years of nuclear power plan

Specific to the Shandong Province, the first financial reporter noted, "planning" in talking about nuclear power, under the premise of ensuring safety, with high temperature gas cooled reactor, AP1000 PWR, CAP1400 large-scale advanced PWR demonstration and commercial application as the focus, and actively promote Haiyang, Rongcheng Shidao bay two nuclear power project construction and strengthen the potential nuclear power plant resources exploration and protection, timely start the third nuclear power plant construction, build the important eastern coastal nuclear power base.

In Shandong the eastern coastal nuclear power base project development plan "," planning "said recently, Haiyang built nuclear power demonstration project in Rongcheng, a period of high temperature gas cooled reactor; start Rongcheng large-scale advanced PWR demonstration project, commercial PWR nuclear power in Haiyang and two and three construction projects; strengthen the potential of nuclear power site resource exploration and protection, preliminary work started third nuclear power plant. The long-term, comprehensive build Haiyang, Rongcheng nuclear power base, start the third nuclear power plant construction.

"The CAP1400 demonstration project (Rongcheng large-scale advanced PWR demonstration project) site preparation already ready, everything is ready, waiting for the approval of the state." In charge of the project after the completion of the operation of the country's nuclear power, a person familiar with the situation not long ago told the first financial reporter.

Shandong provincial development and Reform Commission official website shows that the planning is China's economic development into the new normal in Shandong Province, the first long-term development of energy planning. Planning period is 2016 ~2030, near to 2020, forward to 2030. In the future, will be based on the development and change of energy, adjust and update timely.

The development of nuclear power in the coastal provinces

In addition to Shandong, South to Hainan, north to Liaoning, China's eastern coastal provinces almost all nuclear power plants, including Hainan, Guangxi, Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Liaoning, etc..

According to public information reporter combing found that the provinces have announced the "13th Five-Year" planning mentioned the development of nuclear power. Among them, Hainan will build to clean coal, nuclear power as the main power supply, gas and pumped storage for peaking power, renewable energy is an important part of the power structure".

Guangxi "13th Five-Year" planning at the mention of nuclear power said, "and to accelerate the development of nuclear power"; similarly, Guangdong "13th Five-Year" planning at the mention of nuclear power said, "safe and efficient nuclear power development".

Fujian "13th Five-Year" planning said, "safe and efficient development of nuclear power, accelerate the construction of Ningde, Fuqing, Zhangzhou, Xiapu and other coastal nuclear power, do Sanming other nuclear power plant protection and demonstration."

Liaoning in the "13th Five-Year" plan said, "to promote the green energy efficiency and accelerate the transformation and upgrading, Xu Fort nuclear power phase of key projects, strengthen the construction of rural power grid, improve power transmission capacity together".

Zhejiang "13th Five-Year" plan also said to "safe development of nuclear power". In accordance with the overall deployment of the national construction of coastal nuclear power base, the use of the highest international safety standards, the most advanced nuclear power technology to build nuclear power plants, and to provide the country with advanced nuclear power technology demonstration. To speed up the completion of the three nuclear power phase, started construction of three nuclear power phase two, phase three, three Zhejiang Macao Xiangshan nuclear power nuclear power, basically completed the preparatory work, to carry out research work to strengthen the island of nuclear power, nuclear power plant protection. By 2020, the province's nuclear power installed capacity of about 9 million kilowatts, in the construction of more than 5 million kilowatts.

Nuclear power plant is a very scarce resource. Due to the extremely high requirements for the safety of nuclear power plant, the nuclear power project in the beginning of the site, in addition to considering the geographical position, seismic geology, engineering geology and other natural factors, but also consider population growth restriction, emergency evacuation, radioactive waste and emissions and other social environmental factors.

Because there is no release China construction of inland nuclear power projects, the coastal nuclear power plant becomes more tight. In addition, compared to inland, coastal areas have a first mover advantage in the construction of nuclear power projects.

However, in terms of inland nuclear power, the reporter found that, according to public information, at present, there are more than ten provinces in the country has been the layout of the inland nuclear power. These provinces are: Hubei, Anhui, Hunan, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Guizhou, Sichuan, Henan, Chongqing, Jilin, Guangxi, Liaoning,, Fujian and Heilongjiang.