Three barrels of oil to plan the purpose of natural gas prices or losses

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Three barrels of oil to plan the purpose of natural gas prices or losses of three barrels of oil to seek natural gas prices have continued to rise. Prior to the date, there are people familiar with the matter said that this winter or the emergence of the gas shortage, three barrels of oil, the hope that through price increases to regulate the amount of natural gas. Insiders analyzed that the possibility of "gas shortage" is present, through the price adjustment can also play a role, but the "gas shortage" is not only caused by inadequate supply of natural gas, the more important reason is the problem of natural gas peaking facilities in our country such as the shortcomings caused by. High natural gas prices will inhibit the use of natural gas demand, in the long run, is not conducive to China's energy consumption structure adjustment, the "three barrels of oil," the long-term development is also unfavorable.

Beijing Business Daily reporter learned that the existence of a gas shortage last year. Beijing Miyun, a gas heating company responsible person said that last year due to a shortage of gas, in order to protect the residents with gas, only by reducing the temperature of non residents of heating, resulting in a number of gas enterprises to complain. At the same time, coal to gas, the cost of gas heating company has increased a lot. If the non resident gas prices to rise again, the thermal power plant, I am afraid it will be difficult to bear.

According to the person in charge: "the government has also given the corresponding subsidies, but subsidies are only in the transformation of coal gas to give the project, the operation is not subsidized."

In Yanqing, Beijing, because there is no access to natural gas pipeline, regardless of the gas or gas companies are using gas transportation, the cost per cubic meter of gas to reach 4-5 yuan. The person in charge of the enterprise, the enterprise has been in a state of loss operations, if the price is up, it is certain that some units will not use gas.

Www LNG industry analyst Liu Guangbin said, if the non resident natural gas prices, rising prices will eventually be passed on to the end user.

It is understood that in 2015, the Beijing daily natural gas up to 100 million cubic meters, the first half of 2016 China natural gas consumption increased by 9.8%, this estimate, 2016 Beijing gas consumption reached 16 billion cubic meters or.

Lin Boqiang, President of the New Energy Policy Research Institute of Xiamen University, believes that three barrels of oil and not the ability to determine the price of natural gas, according to his understanding, China's current natural gas supply is also relatively adequate.

Liu Guangbin said that although China's dependence on natural gas more than 38% of the energy strategy security is very unfavorable, but the amount of energy production in China, and the total amount of imports and the demand is also matched. The biggest problem is the lack of storage facilities in our country, leading to more supply can not meet the peak gas.

"In the case of Beijing, with the peak gas and low gas consumption is 12 times in 2015, peaking this requires very high ability." Liu Guangbin said.

It is understood that in North China, the oil only Shaanxi Beijing line and Caofeidian LNG terminal in the area of natural gas pipeline transportation capacity is limited. In 2015, PetroChina Caofeidian LNG stations affected by the haze delay shipment to Hong Kong, North China gas emergency occurred last year. In 2016, in order to ensure the supply of Beijing, the oil of more than 10 LNG ship parked in the Gulf of Bohai, ready to connect. In addition, the oil refinery in Huanggang, Hubei LNG start to restart the commissioning, while Bazhou Hebei gas production capacity of 1 million cubic meters / day of the LNG device also plans to restart, are ready to deal with the arrival of the peak gas in Beijing.

For "three barrels of oil" in the winter before the arrival of the "gas shortage" another purpose, Liu Guangbin believes that "three oil" is the hope that this will be able to maintain the current price, but not the price.

"From the national development and Reform Commission, the national development and Reform Commission, or hope to be able to lower prices and promote the use of natural gas." Liu Guangbin said. Before the day, Xi'an has the current car sales price of natural gas by 3.71 yuan / cubic meter adjusted to 3.26 yuan / cubic meter.

12th Five-Year period, China has not completed the task of natural gas in the energy consumption structure, data show that by the end of 2015, China's natural gas consumption is only 200 billion cubic meters, less than 30 billion cubic meters. National Development and Reform Commission last year to non resident gas prices down 0.7 yuan, hopes to be able to promote natural gas through the use of price reduction.

By the end of 2015 price reduction, but also led to the three barrels of oil, natural gas business profitability declined. In the case of oil, the first half of 2016, sales of imported oil in Central Asia natural gas 18 billion 434 million cubic meters, a loss of 3 billion 715 million yuan; sales of imported LNG27.64 billion cubic meters, a loss of 2 billion 921 million yuan; sales of Burma imported 1 billion 966 million cubic meters of natural gas, a loss of 2 billion 696 million yuan, a total loss of 9 billion 332 million yuan.

'three barrels of oil' hope to delay the price, in order to reverse the loss of the situation in the past two years." Liu Guangbin said. "But the" three barrels of oil "may be short-term positive, from the period, if the gas price increase, is bound to affect the gas cost of enterprises, in the current oil and other energy prices are relatively cheap, it may waste gas by gas enterprises, and other alternative energy sources."