Excess power crisis and then spread the power of the three major power projects were canceled

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Excess thermal power crisis is being further spread.

Recently, the National Energy Bureau to cancel the 15 do not have approved the construction conditions of the coal project, which has 9 projects involving five major power groups in Guodian, Datang and Huadian group.

In fact, since last year, the problem of excess thermal power has been quite prominent, and this year, the size of thermal power installed capacity is still increasing.

National energy board has said that if such a development trend, the next few years, China's coal industry will become now the steel and coal industry.

Analysts believe that, with the excess capacity of thermal power is growing, a lot of competitive power enterprises will be eliminated, the collapse of thermal power enterprises or will come.

15 coal projects were canceled

"Securities Daily" reporter learned that, in September 23rd, the National Energy Board issued "on the abolition of a number of do not have notice of the approval of construction conditions of coal power project" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), the abolition of 15 kilowatts, 12 million 400 thousand do not have approved the construction conditions of coal power project. These projects are located in Shanxi, Jilin, Shandong, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan and other provinces.

Among them, there are 9 projects, involving five major power generation enterprises in Guodian, Datang and Huadian group. Guodian canceled projects up to a total of 5 projects, 6 million 500 thousand kilowatts installed was canceled, canceled 12 million 400 thousand of the total accounted for 52.4% kilowatts; 3 projects, Datang Group's installed capacity of 1 million 900 thousand kilowatts was canceled, accounted for 15.3%; 1 projects, Huadian 300 thousand kilowatts installed capacity accounted for was canceled. 2.4%.

But it is worth noting that, due to the excessive power of coal, the coal project is canceled or just a start.

"Notice" also said that the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) development and Reform Commission (Department of energy) to further cancellation elsewhere in the region do not have the approval (construction) condition of coal power project, timely report to the national energy board and to the public.

It should be mentioned that in April this year, the national development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Board issued "on further improving the coal industry, eliminate backward production capacity of the" notice "on the promotion of China's coal and orderly development of the notice", "on the establishment of risk early-warning system for the planning and construction of coal and coal released in 2019 planning and construction risk warning notice" 3 document.

Nur Bekri, director of the National Energy Bureau at the meeting pointed out that in recent years, the rapid increase in the size of China's coal power installed capacity, the potential risks of excess capacity gradually appear. This year is expected to increase the size of the installed capacity will exceed fifty million kilowatts. If such a development trend, the next few years, China's coal industry will become now the steel and coal industry.

According to the above documents, will cancel the approval of a number of coal projects do not have the conditions.

Not long ago, Zhejiang Province issued the "energy development" 13th Five-Year "plan" pointed out that no new coal-fired power projects, complete the province's existing more than 300 thousand kilowatts coal-fired generating units, public owned more than 100 thousand kilowatts coal-fired generating units, and cogeneration units with ultra low emission energy-saving transformation and upgrading, shutting down 300 thousand kilowatts coal-fired units.

The industry is expected to work in succession, coal and electricity, this year and next year there will be a large number of coal projects were halted.

Thermal power enterprises collapse or come

In fact, from the beginning of last year, the problem of excess thermal power has been very serious.

According to CEC 2015 power industry statistics express statistics, the country and more than 6000 kilowatts of power generation equipment, the average utilization hours continue to decline, in 2015 the national average utilization hours of power generation equipment for 3969 hours, down 349 hours, is the lowest level since 1978.

At the same time, as of the end of 2015, the country's total thermal power installed capacity reached 990 million kilowatts, of which 880 million kilowatts of coal and electricity, accounting for 89.3% of the proportion of thermal power, the growth rate is far greater than the growth rate of electricity demand.

Since this year the price of coal has lower power, electricity prices are not mutually profitable, weakness, competing to be launched new units to occupy the market. Until last year, the thermal power construction is still in the expansion. But at the same time, renewable energy power generation is increasing, the power demand continues to be weak.

The electric enterprises to the "Securities Daily" the reporter said, since coal prices fell since the thermal power unit, the relatively high rate of return, investment enthusiasm is very high electricity prices is not surprising, but also made no small contribution to pull the local GDP. Therefore, the initiative to eliminate the power shortage of thermal power units, enthusiasm is not high.

Affected by the above factors, the utilization rate of thermal power units is expected to decline in the long-term continuation of the thermal power industry overcapacity situation may be more obvious.

According to Galaxy Securities forecast, 2016 -2017, the average utilization hours of thermal power industry equipment, respectively, only 4007 hours and 3839 hours, capacity utilization is likely to fall below 50%.

Guodian group chief economist Zhang Shumin recently participated in the "top 500 enterprises Chinese forum said, small power plants, environmental non-compliance of the power plant, does not need the government forced to close their hard running, collapse. State power is also facing the problem of dealing with zombie enterprises, the closure of the tide and the attendant problems.

There are electricity industry analysts to the Securities Daily reporters, said the problem with the excess capacity of thermal power, the day is not far away from the collapse of thermal power companies. Just like today's coal prices, some of the higher cost of small and medium enterprises or the first to be eliminated.